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STOP PRESS: None other than Danny Boyle himself sent us a few kind words to be read out at the launch of the book. This is what he wrote:

'Sorry I can't be with you this evening. On a plane. Honestly.
I have a lot of behind the scenes photos of my own which I wanted to add to this collection; Her Majesty picking lint off Daniel Craig's DJ between takes, Boris madly auditioning for the Isambard Kingdom Brunel role, Seb Coe in his underwear pleading down the phone to someone for more of something or other, and most precious of all, Government ministers roaring on the NHS section.
But the lawyers advised against so here it is, as it should be, from spectators only.
I'm delighted it's such a perfect reminder of the spirit of the evening; the UK as a modern progressive nation, proud of the part everyone plays, modest or grand.'

ABOUT: I was so inspired by last year's Olympic Opening Ceremony that a few days after it, in a burst of naive enthusiasm, I had an idea to show Danny Boyle and his team just how proud of our nation the Opening Ceremony had made us all feel by showing them what made this isle wondrous to us, by way of a thank you.

So I posted a couple of photos of what I thought made this isle wondrous on instagram and twitter tagged #thiswondrousisle and invited others to do the same. To my continued astonishment, they did.

We then made this tumblr, capturing most of the pictures posted but sadly not quite all due to various technical difficulties.
(If you can't see your pictures, then please send them to and we'll post them up here.)

Then someone suggested a book, and thanks to the sterling efforts of Craig Burston and his 2nd Year Students at UCA Farnham ( who designed it, Tim Milne at Artomatic ( and Sean Seery at Trident Printing ( who printed it using a brand new gutterless format, we now have one - just in time for the anniversary of the Opening Ceremony.
And it's beautiful.

But please, feel free to keep posting pictures whenever you see something that reminds you exactly why this isle is so wondrous.